The ILIAA’s Training, Support, and Discounts WILL Help You Take Your Career Where YOU Want it to Go!


The top agents never stop learning. Whether you’ve been in this business for a few days, or a few decades, we all have the same goals: to attract our ideal prospects, and to sell to them consistently. Here’s the thing, though: the ILIAA isn’t going to sell you a fancy sales system, or a “turnkey marketing package” that comes to you as a box full of audio tapes. We’ll teach you how to design YOUR insurance career from the ground up to attract and close the business YOU want to write.

If you’re just starting out in your career, we’ll help you get a grasp on prospecting, lead generation, sales, and all of the insurance and annuity products your life and health insurance license covers. If you’ve been in the business for a little while, you’ll find more value in our webinars covering advanced sales and prospecting techniques, advanced case design and underwriting, targeting high net worth markets, and more.Join Today

No matter what niche you want to work in in the insurance industry, and no matter what your current level of experience, we will help you build a bigger, more profitable book of business, even if you’re starting from scratch. We’ll help you go from “an insurance agent” to “the insurance agent” in your chosen market.

Our training comes to you as live, weekly webinars with question-and-answer sessions at the end of each. You’ll also get access to our training archives. Best of all, full members get unlimited one-on-one training over any topic: advanced markets, cold-calling (we’ll even role-play calls with you so you can get comfortable selling in a zero-pressure environment with instant, helpful critique), cross-selling, or anything else you may want to learn more about. This is all for less than $0.75 a day!

We’re not going to try to sell you marketing systems, or limit you to just a few days of training and coaching. If you want to learn to attract your ideal clients, close more deals, make more money, and have the career you want, we can help you do it. No hype, no empty promises – we’re going to give you the tools you need to succeed, and show you how to use them.

If you’re new to insurance and want to get off to a quick start, the ILIAA can help. New insurance agents have about a 90% failure rate. We want to help you make it through. If you’ve gotten your career established, then we want to help you take it to the next level. 

The numbers simply don’t lie – if you do what everyone else is doing, you’re probably going to go out of business within a few years. Let us train you to stay ahead of the pack, in the top 10% of agents that “make it!”

Your membership at also entitles you to a complimentary membership at Simply email us after you sign up at to have your second account set up for!


We are not recruiters! We don’t want to make money off of your production!

We try to work as an “IMO, without the contracts.” We will never try to recruit you, or recommend an insurance carrier’s product based on a financial incentive for us. We just want to see you succeed. We offer full support services for independent agents, including (but not limited to):

  • Case Design – Need help putting together a complicated, multi-million dollar estate planning case? Do you want to make sure that $10/month term life insurance policy is really the best rate your client can get? No matter how big or how small, experienced agents will help you design any case from the ground up to make sure you’re presenting the best possible options to your client. Whether you’re needing your hand held for the first time, or just want a second opinion, we’re here to help every step of the way.
  • Underwriting Assistance – We all run into clients with colorful medical histories or difficult-to-insure professions from time to time. Luckily, the ILIAA is here to help. Let us know the particulars of your case, and we’ll get it shopped for you with no obligation to place the business anywhere specific as a result.
  • Business Support – As an independent agent, you’ve got a lot on your plate: sales, marketing, accounting, human resources – you’ve got to run every aspect of a business, even while you’re trying to sell! Learning to be an insurance agent is tough enough without having to learn how to be in business and/or self-employed, too. Let us help you learn with our business planning services and business management training.
  • Quoting and Illustration Support – Need a quick term or final expense quote? As an ILIAA member, you’ll have access to our quoting engines for your use at any time. If you need more complicated illustrations run, let us know and we can have them prepared for you.

Imagine if You, as an Independent Agent, Had a Full Back Office Staff There to Help YOU Every Day!

In short – if you need help in your career, pick up the phone and call or write us an email. The ILIAA will be there to serve you! The agents we work with know: if you take advantage of these support services, it will transform the way you do business.


Here’s the thing – most other training associations want you to join up, pay your monthly dues, and then they want you to shell out more money for more training or for “turnkey” marketing systems. The ILIAA doesn’t work that way. Your dues get you access to absolutely every bit of training we offer right out of the gate, and we’re going to teach you to be a prospecting machine, so you’re not going to need any gimmicky “marketing system” – you’re going to learn to do it how the pros do it.

Not only do we not want to charge you money on top of your dues, we want to save you money on the things you need as an insurance agent, like:

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance – Your carriers require you to carry E&O. Why pay more?
  • Leads and Data – We’ve got discounted prices on data lists for your dialers, and for leads for you to work as well. We can also help you secure a discount on your direct mail marketing pieces and drops.
  • Website Design and Web Marketing – Not tech savvy? Just don’t have the time? We can help you get a strong web presence without breaking your wallet.
  • Client Relationship Management Software – You’re building a book of business, and you need something to keep all that data organized. A good CRM is essential – but that doesn’t mean you should overpay for it. The Radius system is the only one the ILIAA recommends, and we’ve got a discount for our members.
  • Dialers – Please don’t break your finger punching in numbers manually all day. We can help you get a discount on an automated dialer platform, helping you hit hundreds of numbers a day!
  • – Your membership at also entitles you to a complimentary membership at Simply email us after you sign up at to have your second account set up for
  • Pre-Licensing – Not licensed yet? Don’t worry! While we’re helping you set up your business plan for your new agency, we can also save you money on your insurance pre-licensing school through our relationship with several pre-licensing schools.

The Bottom Line

  1. You need to commit yourself to education in order to succeed, whether you’re just getting started or decades in and trying to stay ahead of the pack. We can help you do that.
  2. As an independent agent, your time is best spent prospecting for new business and closing deals. Let us help you with your support work. You’ll make more money, and you’ll be able to spend more time with your clients. Everyone’s happier.
  3. You’re going to buy stuff as an agent: leads, data, dialers, E&O, etc. You should pay discounted prices instead of full prices – that’s a no-brainer. The ILIAA can help.
  4. The training and support offered elsewhere (like through IMOs and through carriers) tends to be weak, and biased towards products that generate a profit. You don’t want that – you want training on the best ways to help your client and on how to build a long-term, successful career. You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the same gimmicky sales systems that wash 90% of agents out of the business. You want to learn how to build an insurance career the right way.
  5. Insurance can be a hard career – especially at first. Joining the ILIAA will help you learn to become more successful, more quickly.