If you are charged with hiring a new salesperson for your organization, then it is essential to think about what traits you want that person to exhibit during the interview. While you can get some clues from a person’s curriculum vitae, asking behavioral interview questions can also help you identify the person with the right personality traits. Here are some characteristics that you might want to look for along with questions that might give you a clue into the person’s personality.


You need your salesperson to be empathetic so that they can understand the customer’s pain points and show how your products solve those pain points. Asking the candidate if they were in charge of your company over the next five years what they believe the most significant challenges that must be overcome personally and company-wide are, indicates that they can think beyond themselves to what the company’s goals are going forward. Look for a candidate with a broad enough answer to show that they can put themselves in a leadership position. Avoid the candidate who focuses too narrowly on themselves or who fails to be able to identify key industry concerns.

Critical Thinking

Testing intelligence and critical thinking skills are crucial to showing that the salesperson can think quickly as they will always need to be overcoming customer objections to win new ones for the company and to increase order size on existing accounts. Conducting intelligence testing for job candidates can be an easy way to assess potential hires. Candidates who are intelligent, critical thinkers are more likely to innovate and bring new ideas to the workplace. They can solve challenges easier and confront complicated situations with a sense of creativity and outside the box problem-solving mentality. Consider asking the candidate to tell you what skills they feel are vital in the ideal sales candidate. While you want a candidate that can enunciate day-to-day tasks, choosing one that can see how their role fits into company goals is vital.


Asking candidates questions revealing that they are passionate about going to work for your company can be very informative as it can show how well a candidate has researched your company before interviewing. Often, asking a person what they are most passionate about and how that reveals itself, gives you an indication into the way that a person thinks and acts.

At its linguistic roots, the word interview means to look inside. When you ask questions about a person’s personality traits, you get a chance to look at how a person thinks and acts. The ideal candidate is the one who fits your company’s culture the best after you have asked behavioral interview questions as most candidates can learn the information vital to selling products.

Over To You

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