Selling disability insurance can be an uphill task because unlike the other products, most people will opt out the moment they feel like the quote is too high. If you have been in a situation where you got the customer, and they invited you for a pitch, but you lost them somewhere during the presentation, you understand how tough it can be. Well, the best thing to do when a sale does not go according to plan is to sit down, lay down your strategy and focus on a new pool of customers. Here are a few people that you may not have thought about targeting in your sales, but could bring in some numbers.

Social media communities

Everyone has moved their conversations to the digital channels and one of the best places that you will find communities which discuss different subjects is the social media. There are social media communities about all the topics imaginable, and if you search for a community that supports people with any disability close to you, you are guaranteed to find quite a number. When you find these communities, the next step is joining the conversation and understanding those who play a critical role in the community. Approach the group admins and talk to them about the products which you have. The chances are that they will link you up to people who need the products and since they are already interested, making a sale will be easier.


Physicians are regularly exposed to situations which could lead to temporary or even permanent disability. Occupational hazards such as infection-causing germs, radiation, and contamination from medication increase their odds of being disabled from the regular 25 percent. When selling the product to them, you need to make them understand that with insurance, they will be in a position to live a comfortable life during the period that they will be out of work, without having to drain their savings for the same.

Retargeting from online reviews

Look into what people are saying about your agency online. Behind a review is a customer who needed service and either got satisfied or not. Focus on improving the negative things being mentioned about your brands, and this will eventually improve your sales.

These are a few techniques which you can use to gain new customers for your disability insurance products. With a little imagination, you can reach new demographics and make sales which you never imagined possible.


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