People need insurance, but it’s not something that automatically sells itself. In order to get business, you need to put in an honest effort and not get lost in the shuffle. To attract customers, you need to think outside the box. Here are some unique strategies you can try for soliciting sales.

Unique Email Templates

You likely won’t have time to craft individual emails for each person. This is where templates come in. You should have multiple templates for each scenario. Each one should be based on your relationship with the person, and they should be professional and get straight to the point.

Even if you’re working from a template, you can still tweak it to make your message stand out more. In your introduction, you could discuss how you and the client first got in touch or mention any shared business acquaintances. You can also apply this to text messages. Texting has shown great success in businesses. Your messages will have to be shorter, but you can still give an enthralling sales pitch.


Sales events can be great tools for growing your customer base. While they won’t be lacking in competition, they’re also a terrific opportunity for you to perfect your sales techniques. Work on your persuasive abilities and how you present yourself. Watch videos on sales events and see what you need the most practice with.

You can also learn from your fellow salespeople. While you might be in competition with each other, it can be friendly. Introduce yourself and discuss your background to the extent that you’re comfortable. You can size them up without making a big deal out of it. Ultimately, your success isn’t about your competition faltering, but about you rising to the occasion.


You want to keep your name on people’s lips, and giveaways are a key way to do just that. Things like pens and tote bags with your business’ name prominently printed are some of the things you can offer. The quality of your giveaways shouldn’t be an afterthought, either. In addition to spreading your business’ name, what you give away should be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Don’t think that just because a giveaway hasn’t been done that it’s not worth pursuing. You could have an idea that no one else has even entertained but could really make a difference in terms of sales. Make a list of all possible giveaways and decide which ones will be the most achievable and produce the best results. Use your best judgment and research designers who can turn your ideas into a reality. When paired with a well-developed sales pitch, your giveaways can really help your business.

None of these strategies are about using deceit or stretching the truth to get ahead. Not only is dishonesty reprehensible in any business, but it also won’t do you any good when it comes to retaining clients. Soliciting sales means you have to be shrewd but also honorable. With these strategies, (and of course, by utilizing a bit of our training) you can grow your business sales considerably.

Over To You

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