Michael Delaware, author of The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly, wrote, “Salespeople move the economy of a nation. Someone could have invented the most amazing invention that is going to be a revolution for a planet, but that product goes nowhere unless someone sells it to someone else.” Truly, salespeople possess important talents and skills.

Sales Jobs That Require College Degrees

There are a number of areas in sales that require college degrees. Certain sales representatives need the in-depth knowledge provided in institutions of higher learning. For instance, for sales in the technical fields, a representative must have in-depth knowledge of software. In the medical field, a representative needs an understanding of medical devices or pharmaceuticals. In the industries of securities, commodities, and financial services, a bachelor’s degree is also required, just as it is in the fields of public relations, advertising, and marketing.

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While the bachelor’s degree on an applicant’s resume for many sales positions fulfills a requirement, it also informs the hiring agent that this applicant is a person who is purpose-driven and disciplined. Cum laude is Latin for with honor and serves as a way to distinguish students with exemplary academic success. A graduate with this honor has maintained an overall average of 3.5 (B+) for all the courses taken. Such an honor points to the perseverance and high achievement of the applicant. Having received recognition also suggests that the applicant for a sales position should be quite capable of acquiring knowledge about the product that he or she might be selling.

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Other Skills Needed in Sales

Academic accomplishments and honors do not necessarily correlate with the applicant’s skills as a salesperson or reflect what his or her job performance may be, although a business degree is a sound foundation for insurance sales to companies and corporations. To determine if the applicant for a sales position has the ability to convince people to purchase a product and is one who can maintain customer relationships, the hiring agent can look on the resume for evidence of interpersonal and communication skills. An applicant who has belonged to campus or community organizations provides an indication of his or her motivation to interact with others, qualities essential to a salesperson. Also, when the applicant has held offices in campus organizations, there is evidence of communication skills, competitiveness, confidence, and leadership. These are all qualities essential to a successful salesperson.

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A thorough examination of an applicant’s resume will provide hiring agents more than his or her GPA. It will also reveal a drive for success, as well as the ability to interact with others and to influence people–all qualities for successful insurance agents or sales representatives, even though the degree may not be required.

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