When it comes to truly serving your clients, doing something that doesn’t necessary pay you on the front end can go a long way towards building and keeping your clients’ trust. People tend to remember service providers who express a level of care and concern that goes beyond a quick sale.

For many people, their pet is much more than just an animal they let hang around their home. Their pets are (frequently) furry, four-legged family members who happen to eat from the pet dish rather than the dining room table.

Sadly, pet owners can be blindsided by the high cost of veterinarian care in the event of an emergency or as their pet ages. Too often, the ability to financially handle these bills can be a matter of life or death for the pet, leaving the pet parent devastated by their sudden (and possibly preventable) loss.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Just like you would always carry insurance on your child, it is possible to carry insurance on your pet that would protect your clients and their furry pals in the event of a critical medical need. If something serious were to happen and you were the one who “saved” their animal, your clients will never forget how much you cared about their entire family.

When it comes to our ILIAA pets, we rely on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and we highly recommend it to our clients as well. After a member of the ILIAA team was reimbursed over $20,000 in vet bills in 2014, we really couldn’t stop sharing our love of Healthy Paws.

Below is the information Rick sent out to his clients detailing his experience with pet insurance. Feel free to steal it, modify it or make it your own.

There is hardly anything we wouldn’t do to help a family member with medical issues, especially those that are life threatening.

As I’m sure you’re aware, pets are quite susceptible to illnesses including cancer and heart disease, amongst other concerns. Most of us don’t think about insuring our furry friends (or even know that we can).

On Memorial Day 2013, my 12 year old Queensland Heeler “Sarah” was diagnosed with a spine issue in her neck. She needed surgery and nothing would keep me from helping her. While in the operating room, the vet discovered cancer in both her thyroids. Thankfully, Sarah has recovered but the cost for all this treatment was astronomical and I had to pay for it completely out of my pocket.

If Sarah’s issues weren’t traumatic enough, my Border Collie “Ernie” had seizures in late June 2014. He was diagnosed with an operable brain tumor. His surgery and radiation treatment totaled more than $25,000! Of course I wanted to care for him – it’s what you do for family members.

Because of the financial lesson I learned from Sarah, I had purchased pet insurance for Ernie prior to getting sick. For about $40 a month (a sum that would have been less if I had insured him earlier in life), Healthy Paws provided 90% coverage for his treatment. Most people can’t afford $25,000 but most of us can spend $40 a month.

Money should not be the deciding factor on whether a pet lives or dies. It’s heartbreaking to think about all the people who can’t afford to treat their best friends. I’m passionate about my four legged family members. I hope you are too.

While Healthy Paws is my insurance of choice, there are other choices for pet insurance. When you make your decision on what is best for your family, please make sure to enroll your loved one(s) in a quality plan with unlimited benefits. Some policies trade coverage for items such as teeth cleaning and routine office visits for a limit on coverage. Healthy Paws doesn’t do this. They cover the big items – the ones that might cause us to make a financial decision to euthanize rather than treat.

Note: If you sign up for pet insurance using any links in this post, the $35 commission Rick Bronstein receives will be donated to a pet charity of his choice.

If you’re an insurance agent, you can sign up to carry Healthy Paws Pet Insurance here.