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2 Chapters

New Agent Training

Start here if you are brand new to the industry or if you'd like a refresher on the basics.

Preparing For The Industry 7 Lessons

Dollars & Sense – Business and Financial Planning for Agents – Part 1

A two-part introduction into managing your business, budgeting, financial planning, discussion of taxes, and business best practices.

The 30-Day Agent Launch Plan

In the 30-Day Agent Launch Plan, we outline a strategy that you can use to bust through this roadblock and get yourself writing good business as quickly as possible.

Concepts Covered Include:

  • Getting licensed to sell insurance and getting contracts to sell specific insurance products
  • Getting organized and operating your business smoothly from day one
  • Bare-bones basics about marketing, policy selection, applications, and closings
  • How to work on referrals and cross-sales from day one to ingrain the best habits right away
  • Tips that the top 5% of agents practice that you can use right now to boost your business

Advances and Chargebacks

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • How advance commissions work, and how to make sure the advances you're being offered are fair
  • How chargebacks can sink your career, and how to minimize their impact
  • The importance of avoiding over-reliance on advances

Business Insurance 101

In this webinar, we'll explore the various uses of life insurance in the corporate market and how you can break into this arena.

Case Management Part 1

In this two-part webinar, we discuss how to become an effective case manager and how that can benefit your business. Here is part 1.

Case Management Part 2

In this two-part webinar, we discuss how to become an effective case manager and how that can benefit your business. Here is part 2.

Getting Started In Insurance 9 Lessons

Contracting – Getting Set Up Fairly

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Getting set up with fair contracts from day one
  • Maintaining your independence while still selling with multiple carriers and IMOs
  • How to make sure your contracts are good now, and still leave room for future growth

Getting Launched on a Budget

In this webinar, we explore ways that you can market effectively without breaking the bank.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Budgeting for effective marketing
  • How to invest in long-term marketing strategies early to lay the foundation for the future
  • How to work with your "warm market" - and still have friends after!
  • Effective, low-cost marketing techniques that you can put into effect today
  • Managing your business growth and the addition of new marketing methods to your strategy for maximum effectiveness

Common Insurance Myths and Misconceptions

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Incorrect ideas commonly held by life insurance consumers
  • How to educate your clients, turning yourself from an agent into a trusted advisor
  • Using the correction of these common misconceptions as a selling tool in your own practice

New Agent Essentials

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • How contracting to sell insurance products works, and what you must know to get the best contracts available on the market today
  • How advances work, and if they're right for you
  • How to get your business properly organized from day one
  • How to get educated, and how to help your clients while you're learning
  • Getting started marketing for insurance sales
  • The handful of products and services you need to launch your career quickly and effectively
  • The steps you should follow to get where you want to be

Branding Yourself As A Professional

In this webinar, we'll talk about the little things that the top 5% of agents do that you can do, too. The guys at the top of the Million-Dollar Round Table all look pretty confident and put-together - you may not have their book of business yet, but you can get to work learning that "professional atmosphere" that will take your career to the next level today.

Interview With an Agent – Launching Your Career

Audio only, Interview with an experienced agent about launching their career.

Fireside Chat – The Benefits of Being A Captive Agent

In this webinar, we'll be delving into what the benefits are of going captive as an insurance agent.

Fireside Chat – Going Captive Vs. Independent

What's the difference between going Captive or Independent? Which one fits you best? Find out here.

Guest Interview: Building a Successful Career In Insurance

Join us as we talk with Brian Frierson about his experiences in the industry, how he transitioned from captivity to independence, and how he's built a solid book of business that grows each and every year.

Paying Members Only
3 Chapters

Prospecting Training

This module covers several aspects and techniques for prospecting, lead generation, gathering referrals, and working with certain types of leads.

Basics of Prospecting 6 Lessons

Center-Of-Influence Marketing

In this webinar, we'll discuss working with centers of influence to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. It's one of the best things you can do for your career, and this is where to start!

Cold Prospecting 101

In this webinar, we'll discuss some cold prospecting methods - generating leads from scratch!

Cold Calling 101

 In this webinar, we'll discuss some effective cold calling strategies and how to make cold calling work for you.

Lead Generation 101

In this webinar we'll tackle the biggest question in sales - how to generate leads. If you can't find people who want to buy what you're selling, you're dead in the water - this webinar will teach you to swim!

Networking 101

In this webinar, we'll discuss the basics of networking and how you can get started. Don't worry, it's not as tough as it seems!

Appointment Setting 101

In this webinar, we'll look at how to make the appointment-setting process as low-pressure and effective as possible, and how to make sure the appointments you're setting are setting you up for success!

Working With Leads 4 Lessons

Free Leads Aren’t Free

In this webinar, we'll be covering the trap of FREE leads and what it really means.

Selling With Direct Mail

In this webinar, we'll discuss the various markets where direct mail works best, how to get started marketing with direct mail, and how to successfully sell to the leads your direct mail campaigns generate

Fireside Chat – How Direct Mail Works

In this "Fireside Chat," Chris speaks with our own Rick Bronstein about his time in the industry and what his experience has taught him over the years.

Working Aged Leads Successfully

In this webinar, we'll discuss the most effective strategies you can employ to work aged leads, how to get the most out of your leads, and what to do no matter what your prospect throws at you!

Prospecting Strategies & Tips 6 Lessons

Building and Promoting Your Web Presence

Check out this guest webinar with our friend Kyle Roof where we discuss the things you need to know to make your web presence pop.

Hiring a Telemarketer

This webinar specifically discusses some Medicare-related topics, but the core concepts around hiring a marketer are great for life and annuity agents as well.

21 Prospecting Tips & Mastering Referral Marketing – Part 1

If you've ever said to yourself, "I don't know what to do" - this is where to start!

21 Prospecting Tips & Mastering Referral Marketing – Part 2

Here is part two for master referral marketing.

Interview with Lee Martinez – Face to Face Sales and Prospecting

In this webinar, we discuss the golden chain of referrals and how to do it.

Dialing After the October 16th, 2013 TCPA Law Change

In this webinar, we're going to take a close look at how the law impacts you and your business.

Paying Members Only
2 Chapters

Sales & Strategies Training

This module covers techniques and strategies for increasing your sales, revenue, building a team, cross-selling, presentations, and more.

Selling Techniques & Strategies 13 Lessons

Performing A Fact Finder

This fact finder will not only help you find insurance needs and close a sale, but will help you retain your client and sell additional products down the line. How? Check out this webinar to find out!

Proper Product Selection

It's up to you as an advisor to take their hand, simplify the market, and guide them to the solution (or solutions) that can meet their needs. In this webinar, we figure out how to do just that.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • The importance of a proper fact finder
  • How to use your fact finder to guide product selection
  • The steps you need to take to arrive at an appropriate solution
  • Showing your client your product selection process as a part of your sales presentation

Presenting in the Home

The confidence you'll have from knowing what to do will help you take the lead in your sales presentations, and before you know it you'll be a master of presenting in the home!

Referral Gathering 101

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • What a referral is and how to work them effectively
  • The #1 key to obtaining more, higher-quality referrals than ever before
  • How to use referrals to first supplement, then replace, other prospecting metho

Asking for the Sale

In this webinar we'll address this extremely common mistake, how to avoid it, and how to ask for the sale in a way that lets you and your client work together to get to the sale.

Overcoming Common Objections

In this webinar, we'll talk about the most effective ways to overcome various common objections you'll run into as an agent. By the time we're done, nothing will faze you!

Closing Over The Phone

In this webinar, we look at leveling the playing field and making tele-sales as effective as possible.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Opening phone calls with an ABC - always be closing - mindset
  • Taking a call through a natural progression to a close
  • Overcoming common telephone objections
  • A few different closing techniques that are especially well-suited to phone sales

Five-Step Selling

In this webinar, we'll discuss the 5SS approach to sales and how you can use this repeatable system in many different sales scenarios. Practice makes perfect, and by getting comfortable with Five Step Selling as an integral tool in your toolbox you'll be setting yourself up for consistent success.

Maximizing Your Sales with a Dialer

In this webinar, we discuss and explore the option of using a dialer to increase your sales and prospecting.

Using IRS Rule 72t to Your Advantage

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to use it to help your clients secure their financial future and to help you boost your business to the next level.

Building a Downline / Getting Started in Recruiting

If you want, you can start recruiting today - and in this webinar, we teach you how to get started doing just that!

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • The logistics behind contracting downline agents
  • How you earn money as an upline
  • Your responsibilities when dealing with your agents
  • How to stay effective and consistently grow your business

Protecting Small Business Owners

In this webinar, we'll take a look at some of the ways you can use insurance to protect not only small businesses but the owners of those businesses as well.

Telesales Strategies for Insurance Agents

In this webinar, the professionals at combine their own vast experience together with the knowledge they’ve gained from working with hundreds of other insurance professionals in this discussion over:

  • Hiring and Training Telesales Professionals,
  • Data and Lead options,
  • Using a Dialer for Efficiency and Automation,
  • DNC and List Management,
  • When to Call and How to Say It,
  • Tips for the Phone, Email, Appointment Setting, and Scripts
  • And more!

Cross-Selling Techniques 6 Lessons

The Art of Cross Selling

Would you like happier clients and a bigger paycheck? Then it's time to learn to cross-sell!

Cross-Selling Final Expense

In this webinar, we'll explore ways to begin cross-selling with final expense as a focus, thereby increasing your sales - and usually your client retention and referral rates as well!

Cross-Selling Life Insurance

In this webinar, we'll get more in-depth and explore cross-selling specifically with life insurance in mind.

Fireside Chat – Selling Critical Illness Insurance

Tom Blanchard has been selling CI successfully for some time now, and we're lucky to have borrowed a few minutes of his time to learn more about how he does business. Let's listen in!

(Note - this webinar is audio only)

Cross Selling Medicare Supplements and Final Expense Life Insurance

Concepts Covered Include:

  • How Medicare Supplements and final expense life insurance products can "fit" together in a single sales presentation
  • How to use this cross-selling technique to turn your customers into clients
  • Effective presentation techniques to illustrate these benefits for your clients

Fireside Chat – Selling Cancer Insurance

 In this Fireside Chat, we sit down with a man who has decades of experience in the industry and discuss the whats and whys of cancer insurance, as well as sift through some of the wisdom his experience has brought him.

Paying Members Only
2 Chapters

Life Insurance Training

This module covers specific topics on selling Life insurance products, cross-selling, income planning, underwriting, table rating, and more.

The Basics of Life Insurance Products 16 Lessons

Final Expense 101

Concepts Covered Include:

  • An overview of how final expense life insurance differs from other types of insurance
  • Who final expense is for and how it works
  • Concerns unique to the final expense industry

Breaking Into Final Expense

In this webinar, we talk about how you can maximize your chances of success from day one as a final expense agent.

Simplified Issue VS Fully Underwritten Coverage

In this webinar, we'll break down simplified issue coverage and compare it to its fully-underwritten counterpart to determine in which situations each type of coverage can shine.

Modified Endowment Contracts 101

Let’s talk about the mysterious MEC, dispel some myths and get to the bottom of this whole thing

Option 1 Vs. Option 2 Death Benefits for Universal Life

Concepts Covered Include

  • The main differences between Option 1 and Option 2 death benefits
  • How to tell what death benefit option is appropriate for your client
  • What the different treatment of the cash value inside the policy means for the policy's overall stability

Participating Whole Life

In this webinar, we explore how those dividends work and how participating whole life can be used as a powerful insurance tool.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • How the cash value inside participating whole life grows
  • The different options clients have for the distributions of dividends
  • How participating whole life differs from declared rate whole life

How Underwriting Risk Classes and Table Ratings Work

In this webinar, these questions - and more - will be cleared up!

Concepts Covered Include

  • How "super-standard" ratings (such as standard, standard plus, preferred, preferred plus) work
  • How "sub-standard" ratings (table ratings for clients who can't qualify for standard rates) work
  • How ratings vary from carrier to carrier, along with a brief overview of a few "carrier niches" - health conditions that some certain carriers are especially competitive on

Term Life Insurance 101

In this webinar, we'll take a 101-level look at term life insurance, the basic moving parts, and when term life insurance may be an appropriate solution for your client's unique needs.

Term Life Insurance In Depth

Here, we'll take a closer look at term life insurance and how it can be used in some innovative ways.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • How renewability provisions can get your clients long-term coverage - for a price
  • How conversions work and why they're a crucial part of any agent's strategy
  • A brief look at medically underwritten vs. non-medically underwritten coverage

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Return of premium term life insurance is a great tool to keep in your portfolio, and in this webinar we'll discuss how to effectively use it.

Selling ROP Term

Join us as we talk about this product and how you can sell it yourself!

Life Insurance and Product Knowledge

You don't have to be a master of your craft before you pick up the phone, but there are a few things you absolutely do need to know before you start speaking to clients. If you're getting ready to take the plunge, watch this first!

Universal Life Insurance In Depth

In this webinar, we'll make it simple and easy to understand.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • The origins and purposes of universal life insurance
  • How to take advantage of the flexible premiums universal life offers
  • How "COI" (cost of insurance) plays a huge role in the development of a universal life policy's cash value
  • An overview of the sub-types of universal life insurance, including declared rate UL, indexed UL, and guaranteed/no-lapse UL
  • A brief look at Option 1 vs Option 2 death benefits

Senior Life Insurance Planning

In this webinar we discuss the various products and services you can make available to the senior market, and how to figure out what's best for who. Don't get stuck on selling only final expense, or just Medicare Supplements - be a full-service agent and win clients for life!

Life Settlements 101

Your clients have an alternative to simply letting their policies lapse, however. Through the use of a "life settlement," that policy can be sold on the secondary market to secure a lump sum of cash for your client. That's a no-brainer - between letting the policy lapse or selling it for a lump sum of cash, which would your client prefer?

How Cash Value Distributions Work

In this webinar, we explore the ways you can access the cash value inside a life insurance policy, as well as some strategies for planning "distributions" from that cash value to supplement future income.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • The differences between cash value withdrawals and policy loans
  • How to structure your distributions for maximum cash and minimum loss
  • Evaluating a policy's "distribution power" to make sure your clients' goals are met

Life Insurance Strategies & Tips 13 Lessons

Preparing Your Client for a Paramedical Exam (Paramed)

In this webinar, we'll discuss what you need to know to prep your client appropriately for their exam.

Supplementing Retirement Income Using Life Insurance Products

In this webinar, we discuss how you can effectively use life insurance to build wealth for retirement and what you need to know to protect your clients.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • The preferential tax treatment given to the cash value inside a life insurance product
  • A brief overview 7702(a) planning
  • A few hypothetical examples of clients using life insurance to successfully supplement their retirement funds

Term Life Conversions 101

In this webinar, we'll talk about how term conversions work and how you can use them to your advantage in your practice.

Transitioning from Health Insurance Sales to Life Insurance Sales

Here, we explore the things health insurance agents need to know in order to effectively transition into cross-selling life insurance with their health insurance products, and what you'll need to know if you decide to make life insurance your full-time pursuit.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • The most significant differences between health and life insurance underwriting and marketing
  • Selecting a few carriers to assist in making the shift
  • How to leverage your existing efforts as a health insurance agent to become more effective as a life agent

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Strategies

In this webinar, we'll discuss some uses of IULs that you may not have considered and how to make these strategies a part of your portfolio.

Indexing and Crediting Methods for IULs and Indexed Annuities

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • How the cash value inside an indexed product grows and changes
  • Total Interest Rate indexing methods (including long term point-to-point, long term point-to-point with average end, high-water look back methods, and low-water look-back methods)
  • Annual Interest Rate indexing methods (including annual reset point-to-point, calendar year reset point-topoint, and averaging annual reset methods)
  • Combination Interest Rate indexing methods (including multiyear reset and reset methods)
  • Items to be aware of when dealing with indexed products (including participation rates, margins, caps, etc.)

Single Premium Whole Life VS Final Expense

Keeping this strategy in your back pocket will win you sales that other agents leave on the table - join us now to learn more!

Living Benefits Life – “Quality of Life Insurance” With Mark Townsend

Learn from Mark Townsend of American General how their Quality of Life Insurance products (term and UL) can protect your clients from death, chronic and critical illness under one low cost plan.  You owe it to your clients!

Your First Year In Life Insurance

In this webinar we talk about the process of getting started in insurance and how you can maximize your chances of success from the start.

Building Whole Life Insurance for Maximum Cash Value

What if you could grow your current purchasing power and simultaneously get out of paying interest on purchases like these in the future? Interested?

Whole Life Insurance Today

In this webinar, we'll examine the modern whole life insurance policies and some strategies you as an advisor can use to work the product into your portfolio.

Whole Life VS Universal Life: When To Use What

 In this webinar we compare and contrast whole life insurance against universal life and discuss figuring out when to use what. Mystery solved!

Income Planning (For the Rest of Us)

In this webinar, we'll look at how income planning strategies can apply across the economic spectrum and how you can use these techniques to your advantage. Your clients will thank you, and you'll be building a book of business that will stand the test of time!

Paying Members Only
2 Chapters

Annuity Training

This module covers specific topics on selling annuity insurance products, cross-selling, income planning, underwriting, and more.

The Basics of Annuity Insurance Products 4 Lessons

Annuity Arbitrage

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Using a SPIA (single-premium immediate annuity) to both take income and to fund a life insurance policy
  • Using an ILIT (irrevocable life insurance trust) to reduce the client's estate liability
  • Hypothetical examination of how this strategy maximizes the impact of each individual dollar

Evaluating Indexed Products

In this webinar, we're going to break down the various mechanisms that make indexed products tick. Learning these fundamental building blocks that make up every indexed product gives you a firm foundation from which you can make apples-to-apples comparisons between plans, thereby helping you determine the solutions that are truly best for your clients' unique needs

Bare Bones Basics About Annuities

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Overview of the basic types of annuities
  • Examination of how annuities can fit into a financial plan
  • Definitions of terms and concepts common to the annuity market

Income Annuities

Concepts Covered Include:

  • The difference between a true "income annuity" and simply annuitizing a normal annuity contract
  • How cash value grows inside the annuity - and separately in an illiquid "income account"
  • How these products can create powerful deferred income streams

Annuity Insurance Strategies & Tips 3 Lessons

Social Security Optimization

Thanks to the Baby Boomer generation, Social Security optimization is one of the hottest topics in the insurance industry today. Social Security benefits are a major portion of retirement planning for a huge number of people - and many don't realize that they're not going to get as much as they should. In this webinar, our guest presenters from Roster Financial discuss using Social Security optimization as a door-opening strategy to assist retirees in maximizing their assets. That's a great way to build trust, gain referrals, and increase retirement security!

This is a guest webinar presented by Roster Financial, an Insurance Marketing Organization. This recording does not constitute an endorsement of this, or any, IMO or upline.

Making MYGAs (Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities) Work

In this webinar, you'll learn the basics of MYGAs and how you can incorporate them into your annuity offerings.

Concepts Covered In This Video:

  • Overview of the moving parts of a Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity
  • Examination of how a MYGA can be used to help plan a client's financial future
  • Examination of two hypothetical products

Breaking Into Annuity Sales By Asking Questions

In this guest webinar with Ray Malone, we explore how you can break into annuity sales from scratch and start building the book of your dreams.

Paying Members Only
2 Chapters

Health Insurance Training

This module covers specific topics on selling Health insurance products, cross-selling, income planning, underwriting, and more.

The Basics of Health Insurance Products 2 Lessons

Presenting Health Insurance Products

While it can be tough to educate your client on a product so complex in such a short time, the techniques we'll discuss in this webinar will help you convey the information your client needs to know in an easy-to-digest format that focuses first and foremost on client education.

High Deductible Health Insurance Plans

Trust me, once you start selling HDHPs over copay plans, you'll never look back!

Health Insurance Strategies & Tips 2 Lessons

Comprehensive Asset Care with One America

Our clients need protection - and so do their assets. In today's market there are more options than ever before for comprehensive, linked-benefit plans that can mitigate multiple risks for our clients. In this webinar we look at the unique AssetCare portfolio offered by One America and discuss how you can use it to protect your clients from whatever life can throw at them.

Fireside Chat – Health Insurance and the Exchange in 2014

As we move into 2014, the effects of Obamacare and general health insurance reform on the market and on us as agents becomes clearer and clearer. Now that the fog is burning off and we've got a little more clarity in the old crystal ball, we've asked two gentlemen who know the health insurance industry better than anyone to come talk shop with us. In this conference call, we'll speak with Dave Fluker and Bob Vineyard about their experience in the health market, what the new Exchange means to agents, and how our careers are going to change moving forward.

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