Back in the day, if you had a business card you were really something. Business cards told the receiver that you were someone who was important enough to be assigned a card by your company.

Nowadays, every business owner has a website, a blog, a social media presence, and a profile on LinkedIn. There’s no need to have print collateral anymore.

…Or is there?

Print collateral cuts through the noise that has been created by the millions of websites that now exist. And if you use it correctly, your marketing collateral can push you toward the front of the proverbial line with your clients.

If you’re thinking about using a printing company to build your brand, then here are some pointers to keep in mind as you develop print collateral.

Print Creates Something “Savable”

Although it’s easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles that web tools provide, nothing quite beats print collateral for staying power, according to Forbes.

It’s something that you can leave behind to remind current and future clients of your business. It sends a silent message, which extends your presence without being obtrusive. Whatever you create, be sure to create something worth saving.

Calendars and Datebooks

Calendars and datebooks fall into the savable category. Media Space Solutions suggests that businesses should print a yearly calendar and send it to the clients.

Doing so literally puts your name right in front of your client each time they write something on the calendar or when they turn the pages from one month to the next. Small branded datebooks work the same way.

Anytime that you can create some sort of useful, at-a-glance piece of collateral, you create something that the client will keep. This forms a subconscious imprint that the client will likely act on should they need your services in the future.

Merge Old and New

Because many businesses have an electronic presence nowadays, business owners who do something out of the ordinary like send postcards will stand out.

You can make the most of a postcard or a business card if you print a QR code on it. Have the code lead to your website—where the client can download a drink coupon, access a free white paper, or make an appointment with you.

This is a win-win for a small business, because about 43 percent of customers will search for something online or via electronic means before they go into a local business to make a purchase. Integrating a QR code allows you to take advantage of this trend while still using print collateral to promote your business.


Print marketing still has its place in your company’s marketing plan. The key is to create something that you can leave behind that people actually want to use. Even better, if you can create collateral that marries old and new technology, you’ll be tapping into how people shop in the digital age.

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Over To You

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