It can be challenging for an insurance agency of any size to find new clients. It takes a lot of work not only to find clients but also to keep a steady flow of customers coming through your doors. The following list provides some way that struggling insurance agencies can gain more clients so that they can flourish and grow.

Get Referrals

One of the most common issues behind a lack of clients is that they simply aren’t confident in your abilities just yet. This is why referrals are so crucial for growing a steady client list. The number one thing you should do is to get over the fear of asking customers for referrals. If you are confident and proud of your service, according to Kinesis, you should not be afraid to ask your current clients for contact info of other potentially interested folks. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide them with a care package. This can include a thank you note as well as a small section where they can recommend other people who might benefit from your services. You may even offer incentives, such as a discount on their premium next month.

Buy Another Insurance Agency

If time is a factor and you need to acquire clients fast, then maybe you should consider purchasing another company or a variety of smaller insurance agencies. According to AgileCap, simply buying an agency’s book of business can be a way to increase your profitability and growth. It should be noted that this decision is made in conjunction with any business partners and your attorneys. After all, the goal here is to obtain new clients, not problems.

Offer Multiple Products

When business seems to slow down, the proper thing to do is not to narrow your offerings too much. Instead, begin doing research on a variety of additional services you can provide to your customers. If you only offer commercial insurance, why not explore your options within the life insurance sector as well? This will allow you to expand your reach to not only business leaders but also the entire population.

Running an insurance agency is no easy task, especially when the economy isn’t at its best. Therefore, rather than waiting for new clients to simply walk through your doors, a business leader must be proactive. Utilizing the tips listed above, your insurance agency can begin to lay down the foundation for a successful long-term flow of clients.

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