Earning a client’s trust begins the moment you first have contact with them. Your communications with them influence how much they trust you.

For instance, if you get back to them quickly and always do what you say you’ll do, then they will view you as a reliable person. Here are three of the most important things you must do to earn clients’ trust.

Put Yourself on Their Side

Most lawyers advise not trusting insurance companies, which means not giving statements and causing other snags in the process. It can be hard to overcome this when you are starting a new relationship with a client. Many clients will approach it with caution, and low expectations due to the overall negative reputation insurance agents have.

Show them that you’re different by being friendly and helpful in all of your communications with them. Strive to make them feel like you’re really on their side and mean it. Never make promises you know you won’t be able to keep. When they file a claim, work through the process as smoothly as possible. You’ll earn a good reputation and keep them as your client this way.

Be Honest

Honesty is one of the essential keys to earning clients’ trust. If you are caught being dishonest just once, you can lose their confidence — sometimes permanently. Even when it’s uncomfortable, be honest with your clients. They will respect you for it. When potential clients ask you questions about the insurance company’s policy, don’t withhold valuable information you know is relevant to them.

It’s a good habit not only to answer their questions but to provide additional information to show you care about them. They are more likely to trust you and choose you as their agent when you give thorough answers and show a willingness to help them understand the policy.

Keep Your Word

Always keep your word even on the small things. If you say that you will call at a specific time, call precisely at that time. You may need to plan for being at your desk a few minutes earlier to ensure you don’t call a minute late. If you say that you will send them an email that day, then follow through. You may need to write the task down on a notepad or in Trello to remember.

With practice, you will get into the habit of always keeping your word. Clients will trust you when you always do what you say you’ll do. It reassures them that you’re an insurance agent they can count on. 

Trust is essential in professional relationships for maintaining clients. It’s easier to keep clients than to gain new ones, so you should do your best in client retention. Adopting the three qualities above will help you earn your client’s trust.

Getting started in insurance can be a learning curve. Let us help you get there quicker!