The best sales talent can give you a competitive edge when looking to find success in the insurance industry. Qualified sales representatives will engage both current and potential customers, delivering a significant boost to your overall bottom line. The challenge is knowing what to look for when interviewing potential job candidates. Here are three things to consider when looking to find the top sales talent in the business:

Look at Loyalty

When you begin looking through resumes, be sure to pay close attention to the loyalty of the candidates that you are considering. Successful salespeople are committed to their company and clients. You do not want to hire somebody who is going to leave at the first sign of conflict or challenge. Instead, you want a salesperson who is committed to developing their client base and sticking with the process. A candidate who continually jumps between jobs is a potential red flag.

Look at Personality

It is no secret that the most successful sales professionals have magnetic personalities that make them accessible to others. Some of the most likely personalities to enjoy sales are assertive, self-confident, expressive, and have a natural desire to be around other people. While it is difficult to assess personality through a resume alone, you can look for key achievements, awards, and outside activities that may indicate that the candidate has an outgoing personality. Once you bring them in for a personal interview, it will become more obvious if the candidate has the personality needed to be successful in the job.

Look at Industry Knowledge

All of the personality and commitment in the world cannot mask a lack of industry knowledge. Successful insurance agents need to know the ins and outs of the industry. Hiring a qualified person who is already well-versed in the industry will allow them to jump right in and get started. You want your customers to feel comfortable with the new staff member, knowing that they have the knowledge to equip them with the best policies for their needs. The savviest sales professionals can reach their audiences with a combination of charisma and expert advice.

Do not settle by simply hiring the first sales professional that you think might be an acceptable fit. Remember that sales are the lifeblood of your insurance agency and that you need to knock these hires out of the park to sustain and grow your business.


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