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The word “NO” has the power to keep many salespeople from achieve their financial goals and personal dreams. In fact it is often this alone that spells the difference between success and failure.  But, with the right mindset, you can turn this obstacle into your greatest asset. Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton will be talking about how you can actually leverage hearing NO in your business by thinking completely differently about it. Staying persistent especially through tough times is critical for anyone in sales these days, and this webinar will give you an empowering new mindset.

Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton are the authors of Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You  Get There. They have made it their mission to liberate people from fears of failure and rejection, sharing an entire new mindset and strategy about hearing the word NO.  Their philosophies have been embraced by people in a wide variety of industries and businesses to rave reviews and amazing results. Their book, Go for No! hit #1 on Amazon’s “Selling” list and has remained in the top 20 of ‘Sales’ books for the last 3 years.