Let’s face it – most of us are lazy.

We’d rather not have to explain various coverages but tend to look at the easy product to sell.  That’s why many don’t bother certifying for Medicare Advantage and why many still believe that Plan F is the only product to sell.

If you want to keep earning money as an insurance agent, that needs to change. Afterall, we’re paid a commission for a reason.  We’re supposed to be the experts and help our client choose the plan that is most proper.  In some cases, Plan F is the least appropriate; and sometimes a Medicare Advantage plan would not be correct.

Don’t be a one-trick pony.  Offer both Medicare Supplements and learn about not only Plan F, but D, G, and N.  It will give you a competitive advantage over other agents.

If Medicare Advantage plans are in your area, get certified to discuss them.  They will be the best choice for a percentage of  your clients/prospects.  And when you do a presentation it will make you look like the expert rather than a salesperson.