Starting an insurance business? You’ve probably been told that you need to have a blog on your site. But what do you put on said blog? What will make people want to read that blog? Beware of falling into the trap of thinking that a blog is something that can be neglected or skimmed over. Here are 6 big blogging mistakes that can spell doom for not only your company blog, but your reputability as a business.

Not Knowing your Audience

Identifying your audiences should be the first thing after deciding to be a blogger. This detail guides how you will create your blog and the content you will post. A considerable percentage of bloggers do not know their audience. The worst part is that some of them do not accept that they do not know. It is difficult to engage audiences if you do not know who they are. Think about it and decide who you would like to address and why.

Neglecting your Blog

Launching your blog does not mean you cease developing it. It is the beginning of a journey into creativity and innovation. Hence, don’t skimp on good photography as the graphics play a huge role. Same graphics, color, design, and outlay would be boring if they never change. This kind of monotony drives away audiences because they never find your blog interesting. Images are a brilliant way of giving your site a new and fresh look. Therefore don’t skimp on good photography. Use high-quality images that will impress visitors to your site.

Seeking Too Much Perfection

Starting blogging can be unnerving and push a beginner to seek perfection. They are always changing the layout and design of their blog. Every time they look, it does not seem ideal. This nervous status does not help in any way. Decide on a place to start and always strive to improve. Focusing on perfection will mislead and derail you on the purpose of your blog.


The internet, e-commerce, trademarks, domain names, and franchise rights play a huge role in modern brand development and expansion. You may be tempted to copy and paste content from bigger blogs to your own in order to improve your search engine range and boost the amount of content on your site, but you must resist! When you copy and paste content directly from other blogs, Google can detect that and may de-index your site so people can’t find it.

Underutilizing Digital Media

Blogs become successful because of traffic. You may have great content and a high-quality blog; it is not enough to direct traffic to your blog. People need to know about it first. That is how the digital media will help you. New bloggers are not utilizing these tools, probably because they are unaware of their use. Almost all social media sites have advertisement programs that can help you to drive traffic to your blog.


Garnering thousands of views and gaining popularity overnight is a fallacy. New bloggers always think that blogging is easy. This mentality is dangerous, and it may discourage beginners when they discover the reality. Blogging requires patience and effort like any other entity. It is an investment that will grow according to how much you inject in it. Work hard on your blog and reap significant gains. Nothing good will just easily come because you launched a blog.

Blogging is an exciting part of building your business and its website. However, you need to know what to do and avoid before you start. Get professional training, support, and direction for your budding business with ILIAA today!

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