If you are an insurance agent who needs to be producing more income for your family without spending more hours at work, then you need to stop following the crowd. Instead, avoid these four pitfalls that most insurance agents make. Then, watch your sales skyrocket as your work becomes easier than ever before.

Relying on Outdated Marketing Channels

Many agents still believe that they must spend money on radio and television commercials along with billboard space to be successful. Even video advertisements and social media are not as effective as they once were. This is because your potential customers are tired of you and others trying to hard sell them or interrupt what they want to see or do.

Instead, find ways to educate your target audience with informative content delivered through diverse marketing channels. If you give them something they can use, this can help you earn their attention rather than aggressively demanding it from them for nothing. When you draw your customers in with content that they need – and show them respect in the process – they will appreciate it, often enough to give you repeat business.

Using Ugly, Stock Websites

One pitfall that many agents experience is relying on a website produced by their company. Others choose to have their niece or nephew who has taken a high school graphic arts course customize a website for them. The most successful agents, however, turn to a professional web designer to create their website. You want to make sure that they know how to connect to your core customers. When deciding on a web designer, don’t just hire your sister-in-law who says she knows her way around HTML. You need to communicate with your web designer to make sure they understand your business, the purpose of the site, and the necessity for functional lead generation and content creation. You will also be happier because you do not have to squabble with your family to get the website of your dreams.

Talking Features Rather Than Benefits

Many agents mistakenly believe that talking or writing about features that their insurance policies offer. For example, your universal life insurance policy pays 3 percent interest on all money in the customer’s account. While that may seem like an important feature, customers buy insurance based on their emotions. Appealing to customers emotionally makes them more likely to act on the spur of the moment. Therefore, talk about things like how your plan can help their children go to college even if they pass away.

Choose the Right Distribution Channels

While you will need a great professionally designed website, it is also important that you distribute content through other methods that will drive traffic to your website. One way to do that is to post on social media regularly and at times when your target audience is most likely to see your post. This is generally after work hours and on weekends.

Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to grow your business as an insurance agent. The result is that instead of hunting down customers, they will be contacting you. Get started today, and you may soon be the agent of the year.

Warning! You’re about to have the career you always wanted while spending less to run your business, and increasing your sales. Join us today at your own risk!