In some business sectors, the ability to convert a hot lead is the difference between earning a profit, or not, that day. Here are three tips to enhance your lead gathering strategy.

Organic Search is Key

Search engine optimization is no longer an afterthought. SEO is the foundation of successful online marketing campaigns. Since one of the fastest ways to capture a hot insurance lead is through online searches, it behooves you to familiarize yourself with SEO. The goal of this marketing tool is to create organic searches, word of mouth and results. To get started, think about the market you are trying to attract. If it is local, get listed in the local directories. For local, regional and national business, optimize your website and other digital assets according to the most relevant keywords for your business, target audience and competition. Then, roll out the campaign. At regular intervals, campaign tweaks may be required.

Finish Follow-ups Fast

When you are talking with someone who came in as a hot lead, take into consideration how long it takes you to close the sale. Call centers that take a large call volume will measure their AHT, or average handling time. You should, too! Your assumption should be that if an individual is searching for insurance information, they are ready to purchase a policy. Whether they are looking for a lower rate or they are not happy with their current provider, your job is to unearth that information. Then, have solutions ready to present.

Hold a Seminar

If you create win-win situations for your clients and yourself, you increase your chances of growing your profit. Holding an educational seminar is a great way to offer current and potential customers important information that allows you to gather leads and potential sales at the end of the workshop.

Enhancing your insurance lead gathering strategy can be completed in a few easy steps. Although it may seem like a big challenge, if you break it down into these steps, it won’t seem as overwhelming. By getting organized and managing your time, you can convert and close at a higher rate.

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