Do you have an online presence? Does your email address reflect your professionalism, or are you If your prospects search for you online, what will they find? Building an online presence for yourself is a topic that could span its own book, but don’t be intimidated – there are a few things you can do right away to get yourself looking good on the internet.

1. Grab a domain name

This should be your first step as an independent insurance agent. Getting your own domain name allows you to create your own email address. That’s a good thing – it’s much better for your email to run through rather than the questionable Yahoo address from earlier (what were you thinking with that?). Even if you don’t build a website on your new domain, having your own personalized email address lends an air of professionalism that your clients will appreciate.

2. Google yourself

What comes up when you Google your name? If you’re anything like me it’s a bunch of football players and a guy that scammed the lottery once. “Nick Perry insurance” gives slightly more relevant results. I’d like to have a stronger web presence myself, but the presence I do have is professional. My clients aren’t seeing crazy drunk Facebook photos, inappropriate Tweets or anything like that. If you Google your name and the first result is a picture of you holding a beer and throwing up on a bush, your clients are going to look for a new agent. Be aware of the presence you’ve already built online, intentionally or otherwise!

3. Play with WordPress

WordPress is an easy content management system that lets you create and publish content to your own website. The site you’re on right now is built on WordPress, as are most of the sites we operate. You don’t have to be a programmer or even particularly tech-savvy to build and maintain a WordPress website. Google “Wordpress Five-Minute Install” and go from there – it’s easier than you think to build professional-quality sites. You don’t have to have the greatest page on the internet, but it’s nice for your clients to be able to pull up something when they go looking for your agency online.