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Life insurance sales training? Check.

Health insurance sales training? Check.

Annuities Training? Yep.

Prospecting & Presentation Techniques? That too.

And not just the basic stuff – at the ILIAA, we present a variety of material that can help agents of any experience level. Whether you’re just thinking about getting your license and need help with a business plan, or you’ve been in the industry for decades and want to stay ahead of the curve, there’s a place for you here.

An insurance career will throw you a lot of curveballs – and with everyone making a buck off of the business you write, whose advice should you trust? We don’t get involved in your hierarchy or your contracts in any way, so you’ll know that our Case Design, Case Management, and Underwriting Assistance comes with no bias attached.


You’ve gotta spend money to make money – why not spend less of it? By buying your leads, data, dialers, websites, quote engines (you can even use ours for free!), CRMs, E&O, and more with our ILIAA-members-only discounts, you’ll save a bundle; and your membership will practically pay for itself.

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Joining ILIAA can help you launch your career, have the support you need, the ability to train your downline agents, and set you up for success with life insurance sales training, health insurance sales training, prospecting and presentation techniques from insurance experts.

Live Webinars and One-On-One Support

These are just a few examples of the live webinars we run, ranging from basic concepts to some of the most advanced stuff you can find in the industry.

Whether you’ve got days or decades of experience, the ILIAA’s training can help you further your career. Our webinars are archived, too, so you can catch them live or watch them later at your convenience.

No matter what your needs or experience level, there’s a place for you here at the Independent Life Insurance Agent Association.